FEMA Declared Disaster Areas

When a property is located in a FEMA declared disaster area, the lender is required to verify the structure is sound and not negatively impacted by the disaster. This must be verified prior to the closing of the loan.

See link below for a complete list of all FEMA declared disaster areas:

If your Credit Union would like to authorize closing/funding of portfolio loans for properties in a disaster area, MFM will follow CU direction. However, CU Portfolio Forms must provide specific instructions MFM should follow in closing loans in these areas at this time.

We may amend this list and will provide further information and direction as details become available. Please refer to MFM’s FEMA Declared Policy and Procedures for more information on inspection requirements for properties in FEMA designated disaster areas.

If your members have been impacted by a natural disaster, relief efforts are available to assist homeowners. Please see the MFM Disaster Relief webpage for information regarding available assistance.

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