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Our wide range of loan administration services will provide your Credit Union with the expertise you need to meet and exceed the expectations of your members.

Sub-Servicing with MFM

We offer sub-servicing assistance as a contract service for Credit Unions across the United States. As a sub-servicing partner, we will perform all administrative, compliance and financial servicing activities to mortgages loans for a low, monthly fee. We also provide month-end reports, reconciliation and remittance to borrowers and investors.

Take advantage of our state-of-the-art servicing platform and our expert loan servicing department without the required training, in-house servicing expenses, or technology maintenance costs. By allowing MFM to sub-service mortgage loans, your Credit Union will be able to better manage your loan portfolio’s. Finally, you can rest assured that all regulatory compliance has been met at the federal, state, and investor levels.

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