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State-of-the-art Technology

We offer many state-of-the-art digital resources to streamline the mortgage process for your members and your Credit Union.

Revolutionizing Mortgage Lending

Member First Mortgage is dedicated to providing a superior mortgage experience for your Credit Union and members with speed, efficiency, security and reliability. 

Our advanced Loan Origination System (LOS) streamlines generating and maintaining your Credit Union mortgage loans. From custom application sites, simple processes, and notifications for everyone along the way, our LOS provides the mortgage experience your Credit Union and members expect and deserve.

Discover all the benefits of our State-of-the-Art LOS

The browser-based technology is next-gen fast and secure, delivering accelerated end-to-end performance for the entire lending and fulfillment process – anywhere, anytime, mobile and desktop. It automates processes, lets lenders and borrowers work together in real time, and brings better performance experience at digital speed.


The LOS allows you to brand your application site with your Credit Union logo and colors adding the trust and reliability that they have with your CU. Creating a look and feel that your members will recognize will make the mortgage process more enjoyable.


Simplifying the process for both the member and your CU staff is our key focus! Utilizing one system to track loans from application to closing will ensure your members get the attention they need throughout the mortgage process.


Our digital mortgage experience is optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop and offers automated email and text status notifications for you and your realtor throughout the origination process; keeping everyone updated and informed on the status of the loan.

Customize your CU’s mortgage application

The LOS allows MFM to brand your mortgage site with your Credit Union name, logo, and colors – reinforcing your members’ relationship with the Credit Union they trust.

Advanced End-to-End LOS

From application to closing, you and your members will utilize all of the benefits and features of our modern LOS platform, fully optimized for PC, tablet and mobile.

Automated Workflows Utilizing AWS

Automated workflows utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS) streamlines the loan process for a faster, smoother and easier experience for the member as well as the LO.

Credit Union & Member Portals

Portals for both the Credit Union staff and the member allow for real-time access, uploading documents, electronic disclosures, streamlined asset verification & collection of appraisal fees.

Loan Status Notifications

Automated email/text status notifications for members, realtors and CU staff throughout the origination process.

Fannie Mae’s Day 1 Certainty

The ability to utilize Fannie Mae’s Day 1 Certainty to automate income & asset verification.

Cloud-Based Platform

Our LOS is an innovative, cloud-based, digital lending platform to allow access wherever the member & LO are.

Enhanced Security Monitoring

End-to-end security, monitoring and performance protects members’ information throughout the entire process.

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